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Hatchmar Plus - Helpline business support

We have created this service to assist importers/exporters and transport companies with any questions regarding current international trade updates and customs related issues.

We all love when things are made simple! With our Hatchmar Plus service, we focus on finding the bespoke answer and solution for each individual situation. Whatever is the subject: export documentation, import procedures, tariff classification, duty relief regimes, licensing controls, etc, our helpline business support is created for business just like yours to get the most straightforward approach to answer your import or export query. 

This service is perfect if you are seeking a second option or dealing with a complicated situation, avoiding frustration when searching for relevant data on the internet, and allowing you to use your time more efficiently.

Hatchmar Plus

Helpline Business Support
£ 90* 1 Hour
  • One-to-One Support
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Fast response
  • Safe Costs
  • Reduce Risk

*Vat not included

Three simple steps


Discovery Call

This will be your very first contact and you can choose either to call us or email us. 

You will receive an answer in return with the key points of your query and the additional information we will require in order to carry a full study of the situation. 

During the first contact, call will use a general tone without entering fully into the subject.



After the first contact, we will let you decide whether to undertake the service. 

Hatchmar Plus is a pay as you go assistance, so you will not need to commit to any regular payments or memberships. We pride ourselves in providing honest responses to all our customers, and therefore we will let you know if we think your query has a straightforward answer, or it is not related to the areas we can help you with. 

In most cases, we will ask you for an email with full information about the case or the different situations to be taken into consideration.



For the third and last step, we will contact you over the phone once your query has been analysed and the best possible solution obtained. 

We aim to give our clients simple answers, easy to understand and always under a very professional service. 

After our telephone communication, we will report to you via email.


Hatchmar Plus  – Helpline business support – 1 hour of premium support

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